Executive Summary

At a time when health plan costs for employers and their employees are spi-raling out of control, companies have a new secret weapon at their disposal: healthcare performance management (HPM). By freeing health data from silos and fostering sharing and collaboration across platforms and among patients and healthcare entities, it is easier to achieve the full promise of Health 2.0 initiatives: lower costs and better patient outcomes.


One key area of innovation in the healthcare arena is the advent of social media, which is fast becoming a tool for connecting healthcare consumers and providers. Such online collaborations are at the core of Health 2.0 strategies and are radically transforming the way patients, providers and re-searchers approach healthcare in everything from wellness programs to chronic disease management.


In this report, we will examine how social media and other Health 2.0 initia-tives are transforming the healthcare marketplace and how organizations can leverage the power of HPM technology to connect plan sponsors, mem-bers and the provider community in a cost-efficient interactive healthcare system that promotes better health for employees.