The Healthcare Performance Management Institute (HPMI) is a research and education organization dedicated to promoting the use of business technology and management principles that deliver better and more cost-effective healthcare benefits for employers, employees and government entities.

HPMI’s mission is to introduce and develop a new corporate discipline called Healthcare Performance Management — a technology-enabled business strategy that tackles the challenge of controlling healthcare cost and quality in much the same way that enterprises have optimized customer relations, supply chain management and enterprise resource management. Supported by its  four key pillars — Measure, Manage, Engage and Automate — HPMI provides organizations with visibility and control over their healthcare benefits spending trends and risk management postures, while protecting individual employee privacy.

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New Report Addresses Healthcare Transformation and Consumerism Strategies

Presidential Candidate, Executives from Mayo Clinic and other Top Healthcare Organizations Discuss How Consumerism Will Transform the Sector

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