The Power of The HPMI Engage Pillar and Population Health Management

Faced with constantly increasing health plan costs, employers are struggling to find effective population health cost control measures. The key to positive results is the third HPM pillar: ENGAGE--actively engaging employees in their own health and lifestyle behavior change.


Traditionally, employers delegate health plan management to insurers and consultants. The frequent employer request to brokers at renewal time is "show me a spreadsheet with the lowest cost insurer."


Science Matters: For Greater Engagement in Healthy Behavior



Strategy for Smaller Employers

A new HPM Institute white paper offers smaller employers a strategic approach to self-insure now as a way of dispelling expected  uncertainty in the insurance marketplace when major ACA provisions become effective in 2014.

Titled “ACA and Self-Insurance for Small Employers,” the white paper is directed to employers and brokers who are seriously considering a shift to self insurance even before the new law's costly benefit mandates become effective.

Self Insurer Magazine: The Case for Self Insurance: Overcoming Common Myths

White Paper Offers New Data-Driven Model For Financially Qualified Mid-Sized and Small Employers

Workforce Benefits 2013 Online Conference: HPM Institute Executive Director Speaks about Big Data in Healthcare

Finding Meaning in Numbers: Using Big Data to Transform Your Health Care Benefits



White Paper Takes a Look at Telehealth in the Post-ACA World

Telehealth in the Post-ACA World


With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the law’s 2014 implementation deadline looming, college and university administrators are in a race to assess the law’s impact on their school-sponsored student health insurance plans and campus health services. It is imperative that, as part of that assessment, they review their policies and redefine them to ensure timely compliance with ACA’s new mandates.


Prevention Can Help Reduce Benefit Dollars

A recent Health Payer News article on how preventive services are not always cost effective does not tell the whole story.


How Technology, Analytics and Big Data Are Transforming Healthcare Delivery

How Technology, Analytics and Big Data Are Transforming Healthcare Delivery