Case Study

Case Study: Healthy Howard

In 2008, Howard County, Maryland launched an innovative program to bring comprehensive healthcare to uninsured residents for about 75 percent of the cost of traditional insurance. The Healthy Howard Health Plan (HHHP) combines a Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) model and tightly integrated health coaching. HHHP serves as a model case study showing the efficacy of HPMI’s four pillars: measure, manage, engage and automate.

Case Study: Viking Range Corporation

Viking Range Corporation implemented a Healthcare Performance Management strategy in January 2010, which has generated a significant return on investment and noticeably reduced the company’s healthcare costs. The company achieved these results by utilizing predictive modeling technology to continually target its members with the highest probability of high-cost claims across disease categories. It also offered incentives for engaging with Care Managers and fostered a corporate culture in which wellness is a shared organizational priority driven from its executive leadership on down.