Bob Karch

Consistent with HPMI’s Mission of identifying and communicating effective business strategies that address the challenges of improving quality and outcomes, and controlling costs in the provision of healthcare, I hope you have continued to find HPMI’s frequent as well as very timely News Releases and our periodic Featured Publications to be of value. Further, please know that I welcome not only your constructive feedback on any of our works, but also your thoughts and suggestions for additional features that you believe can contribute to advancing healthcare best practices consistent with HPMI’s Mission.

Now to our most recent publication.

I am pleased to present HPMI’s most recent release which is an editorial brief entitled “Why Prevention Matters” provided by Randel K. Johnson, Senior Vice President, Labor, Immigration & Employee Benefits, U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I assume you know, for many years the U.S. Chamber has been one of the true global thought leaders with respect to advancing the importance of developing well designed and efficiently operated workplace wellness programs. And under Randel’s leadership, earlier this year the Chamber released the publication “Winning with Wellness” which was produced by the Chamber with, as you will see, the editorial content provided by some of the most knowledgeable individuals on this topic. As a follow on to that publication, I asked Randel if he would provide some additional thoughts with respect to this important topic and more specifically, the current status of some of the legislative issues that have impacted the advancement of workplace wellness programming. I think you will find Randel’s candid commentary both informative and constructive in advancing the health of the U.S. workforce.

Robert Karch
Executive Director of HPMI